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  Arup is a global firm of designers, engineers, planners and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients around the world. The firm is the creative force behind many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable communities, buildings, transport and civil engineering projects. Established 60 years ago, Arup now has 86 offices in 37 countries and has operated in China for nearly 30 years with almost a quarter of our 9,000 employees based in Hong Kong and China. We have worked on more than 300 projects in mainland China and have over 10,000 projects running at any one time around the globe. We bring a new approach to creating sustainable communities, designing settings where people want to be, spaces where people can afford to live, places in which people choose to stay ? in short, cities that work.

  奥雅纳拥有全球顶尖的设计师、工程师、规划师与商业顾问,致力为客户提供优质完善的专业咨询服务,包括为全球社区、楼宇建筑、交通及其他基建项目提供创意和可持续发展方案,为推动整个业界发展的原动力。奥雅纳创立于六十年前,全公司共有9,000多员工,遍布在世界上37多个国家的86个办事处,其中近四分之一员工分布在香港和中国大陆地区。奥雅纳在中国完成了超过300个工程项目,在全球不同地区进行的项目超过一万多个。 奥雅纳积极开展新的方案以创建可持续社区,设计出使人向往、乐于居住,并且能负担居住的城市??富于动感、生气勃勃的城市。